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    5 liter hikoneb oxygen generator

    Manufacturers: Kare Medical , Hikoneb
    With high-power and low-noise compressor, oxygen purity above 96%, automatic calibration and troubleshooting system, 1-year warranty Exclusive dealer
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    The oxygen generator of hikoneb brand is made by karemedical company of Turkey with the exclusive representation of Persian Ideal System Company in Iran. This device is able to supply oxygen at the rate of 5 liters per minute with a purity of 96%.

    The oxygen generator is one of the home care medical devices that is in the category of vital and essential devices. Many patients who are unable to get the oxygen they need need supplemental oxygenation.

    Home oxygen generators use a compound called zeolite to continuously produce high purity oxygen and deliver it to patients. All kinds of home oxygen instruments are produced and sold in 3-5-8 and 10 liter capacities, the most consumed of which is 5 liters. The use of oxygen generators with continuous production of oxygen without the need for a special source in cardiac, pulmonary and respiratory patients who have a constant need for oxygen supply is a very good alternative to the old methods of using oxygen capsules. Oxygen capsules often need to be charged and replaced in a short period of time, and the risks of keeping them at home should not be overlooked.

    The hikoneb oxygen generator has a high quality zeolite, which confirms the 96% purity of oxygen and the fact that there is no need to replace the zeolite tank for a long time. The device also has the capability of automatic calibration and troubleshooting and notifies the user in case of any problems by visual and audible alarms.

    This device prevents any impurities from entering the device by external, middle and internal filtration, and finally provides healthy and medical oxygen for the patient to breathe by using an antibacterial filter.
    The weight of Haikonb oxygen generator is 15.1 kg and for easy movement under the device, 4 quality wheels have been installed, which makes it possible to move easily on different surfaces.
    Uses of this device include a moisturizing container and a nasal catheter. Using long catheters, it is possible for the patient to walk at home.