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About us

Asa Afarinesh Salamat Company has started its official activity since 2019 with the aim of creating a digital transformation in the field of medicine and health. However, more than a quarter of a century of professional experience of all its main members supports this new activity. For this purpose, the online store of Digi Teb was established using the latest knowledge to promote public health in the community. Given the global epidemic of coronavirus and Covid 19 disease, Digi Teb intends to play an effective role in maintaining health and public health by providing quality health products.

DigiTab: Health Store

Digi Teb is a store that is supposed to accompany two basic changes in the industry at the same time, the first industrial health revolution and the digital transformation. This modern and innovative store shows the digital difference well.
There are dozens of e-health stores in the country, but in the transition to the digital age, the “Digitab” system will be a model in the country’s health market.
In Digitab, supply chain processes are very easy, short, straightforward and transparent. Speed, ease and assurance of product quality will be the result of the great changes mentioned in the country’s health industry.
The union of suppliers and consumers of this important sector is the ultimate target market of the founders of the global ecosystem YC4Y, in the master plan of which Iran will be one of the countries providing this service.In a one-year perspective, in addition to important health products, Digitab also offers services in this field through its stores. The most important advantages of DJ Teb are its high quality and the way it provides its products.
Since all goods reach the consumer directly from the manufacturer as well as the main importers and by eliminating intermediaries, so the authenticity of the products is fully confirmed and offered to the final consumers with the best possible quality.

Hopefully, one day no Iranian will face the slightest problem in meeting his health needs.

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