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    Accu-chek Instant Blood Glucose Test Needle

    Manufacturer: Roche
    No pain in the fingertips when used, Penetration into the skin in less than a few milliseconds
    74,835 تومان
    i h

    One of the accessories of blood glucose testing devices is a needle or lancet device. The needle is a device used to pierce a finger to perform a blood sampling operation. The sugar test needle is like a regular needle sharpened by triple cutting technology, so that when you use this product, you will feel the least pain in the area where the needle hits your skin. The needles used are made of stainless steel and the needle has a silicone coating to minimize pain. In fact, the unique design of these needles, which are made of very fine tip, reduces pain. This needle is suitable for use in four-pin Lancet pens.

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    Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Testing Machine

    Risk indicator: If your blood glucose levels are too high, in the range or below the range, the range indicator will reassure you. Easy navigation: Your test result and average are visible on the screen for 90, 30, 7 days. Easy preparation: Insert only one bar, adjust a small blood sample and read your blood glucose result on the big screen without adjusting. High measurement accuracy. Send data to mobile with Bluetooth
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    Accu-chek Active Blood Glucose Test Strip

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