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    Bionium blood glucose test strip model GS300

    Number of packages: 25 pieces, Expiry Date: 04/01/2022
    49,000 تومان

    Blood glucose test strips (test strips) are a major component of blood sugar testing. These disposable plastic tapes play a very important role in helping people with diabetes to monitor and control diabetes. Due to the importance of using blood sugar test strips, various models have been approved and made available to users. People with diabetes can have their blood sugar checked regularly without having to go to clinics. Each device is only compatible with one type of blood glucose test strip and other models' strips cannot be used.

    Design of Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip

    The design of Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip is different from other companies. All strips are connected vertically and bionium strips are attached to the device from the side. Another advantage is the wide plastic mold of the blood sugar test strip, which can be easily held. Also, blood comes into contact with the test strip in the shortest possible time, which reduces the impact of environmental factors on the test result. Venice There is a large distance between the place where the blood is placed on the tape and the location of the hand so that the person's hand is not contaminated.

    Use of gold in the Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip

    Gold electrodes conduct current rapidly and show blood sugar levels with extreme accuracy.

    Characteristics of the injection mold in the bionium blood glucose test strip

    Injectable plastic material in making GS300 bionium blood glucose test strip makes it durable and easy to maintain.

    Automatic coding feature in the Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip

    This feature helps you record the exact time of your blood sugar measurement along with your blood sugar level. Then in the next measurements you can compare your blood sugar level with the previous level.

    How to work with Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip

    Insert the blood glucose test strip into the device. Then place a drop of blood (1.4 microliters) on the blood sugar test strip. The device shows your blood sugar level.

    Sensitivity of Bionium Blood Glucose Test Strip

    The bionium blood glucose test strip is made of injected plastic and has a metal electrode on it. The expiration date of the product is 3 months after opening the closed door. The strips are sensitive to moisture, light and air, after opening the lid of the container, you must close it immediately. Using expiration date tapes will cause a measurement error.

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