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    ChoiceMMed pulse oximeter model Oxywatch model MD300C29 - (4-year warranty)

    Manufacturer: ChoiceMMed
    Simple operation, portable and light, low consumption, very high accuracy, heart rate display and oxygen saturation by OLED color screen, has a 4-year warranty
    Old price: 829,750 تومان
    695,000 تومان
    i h

    Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, the pulse oximeter was used only in medical centers and hospitals, but the coronavirus has made the use of the pulse oximeter even in homes a necessity to prevent the disease. Is. Pulse oximetry is one of the easiest ways to diagnose the virus. All you have to do is read the number displayed on the digital screen of the device with SpO2% written next to it. If this number was below 94 at rest, be sure to see a doctor, otherwise you are most likely healthy.

    ChoiceMMed Oxywatch pulse oximeter model has introduced a new standard in terms of measurement accuracy and ease of use. This device is widely used in clinics, hospitals, organizations and medical institutions and the like. To measure your heart rate, simply place your fingertip inside the device and see the result on the Oxywatch digital screen in a fraction of a second. Apart from the heart rate, you can see the oxygen saturation of the blood, the bar chart and the heart rate wave diagram, which show the strength of the heartbeat. This device has an OLED color screen that distinguishes this device from competitors in the pulse oximeter industry. The OLED screen displays numbers and infographic information quite clearly (without any extra dots or scatter). Also, if this device is not used, it will turn off automatically after 6 seconds so that its battery is not wasted.