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    Medi Foam wavy corrugated medical pillow

    Ergonomic design, Memory foam, High Quality
    490,000 تومان
    i h

    Memory foam is a polyurethane foam that has a high density and density of these foams and these foams are known as visco-elastic or less flexible foam.

    These foams show flexibility in response to body heat and pressure and become moldy.

    Foam memory history:

    Memory foam was developed by NASA in 1966 for the safety of the spacecraft's occupants to prevent pressure and bruises on the head and neck. Complications of poor sleep include cold pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscle cramps, back pain, etc., which can be prevented with proper pillows and mattresses.

    Memory foam in pillows and mattresses because it puts the head and body in a proper position and also creates alignment between the spine and neck, which doctors recommend in the use of medical pillows and memory mattresses can be a side effect. Prevented poor sleep. Memory foam can be called one of the best medical pillows and medical mattresses due to the proper formation of the head, neck and body during sleep.

    Specifications :

    1 Ergonomic design to fit the natural curvature of the body

    2 Align the head and neck with the spine

    3 Reduction of muscle pain caused by muscle cramps and osteoarthritis

    This pillow can be purchased in two types, hard and soft, as well as two sizes, medium and large.