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    Nano N95 Respiratory Mask without Inspiration Valve

    It has 5 layers with high filtration capability and has nanometer fibers with a diameter of 25 to 50 nanometers (electrified nanofibers)
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    18,000 تومان
    Delivery date: همان روز یا طی 24 ساعت بعد از ثبت سفارش

    The N95 mask is one of the top corona masks in the international arena due to the technology of activated carbon and full ultrasonic nanoparticles and due to the layers used inside this mask.

    This mask has 5 special layers in which two layers of sms (Spanish band - Melon Blonde - Spanish band) with a temperature of 40, blue nano estrogen nation with a temperature of 25, Spanish band Band 40 and a blue Pew Van blue nation with a temperature of 25 are used. (These layers have a temperature between 17 and 25 in standard medical three-layer masks, and a total thickness of 60 to 75 in three layers.)

    But in this particular type of mask, a total heat of 170 is included, all layers of which have become more resistant to the passage of viruses and other particles with the technology of activated carbon nanoparticles. Mask N95 Elhamtab has passed all the tests against Corona virus well.

    This mask is fully functional for a variety of hospital, public, office and home environments.

    Mask type: N95 with full press layers

    First layer: 40 g spinach band

    The second layer: the protective layer of Blon Nation 25 g

    The third layer of 40 g sponge band

    Layer 4: Nano blue estrogen nation 25 g

    Fifth layer: Nano blue melt estrogen 25 g

    UV disinfected (ultraviolet)

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