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    Newsad alcohol pad 100 packs

    Contains 70% ethanol, Long life
    19,500 تومان
    i h

    Samet Tak Khazar Production Group, whose products are known as Newsad with the aim of Iranianizing the knowledge of producing natural edible essential oils and creating a culture of using disposable health products, was established in 2003 in the industrial city of Rasht. Disposable sanitary pads started with a manufacturing license from the Ministry of Health, a standard self-declaration certificate as well as an ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certificate from DQS Germany.

    Newsad alcohol pad is 70% ethanol impregnated and is suitable for injections, disinfection of all surfaces, including cell phones, switches, etc. The packaging of this product includes 100 pieces.

    To use this product, it is necessary to observe the following items.

    For external use only
    Keep away from fire
    Avoid contact with eyes and mouth

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