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    Non-contact infrared thermometer model GP-300 made by Harbin Xiande company (6-month warranty)

    Non-contact thermometer, high accuracy, simple operation, LED display, ability to measure forehead temperature and surroundings temperature
    SKU: INCTGP-300
    Old price: 530,000 تومان
    520,000 تومان
    Delivery date: همان روز یا طی 24 ساعت بعد از ثبت سفارش

    In the current situation, the use of non-contact thermometers is one of the simplest and also safest ways to prevent people with suspected coronation from entering different places and also to diagnose fever in people with coronary heart disease. Non-contact thermometers are widely used in all public places, organizations, clinics, hospitals and universities. Due to the epidemic conditions that can not be touched, the best method and also the most accurate way to measure body temperature is to use this type of thermometer. Note that the use of these thermometers does not require special expertise and the consumer should only know that the appropriate temperature range when thermometing from the forehead, the temperature is between 35.4 to 37.4 degrees Celsius.

    The non-contact infrared thermometer model GP-300 shows you the body temperature of the person in one second, therefore, it works very simply and quickly. Using this thermometer is simply pointing and pressing a button. In the dark of night when the eye cannot see, you can measure a person's body temperature without having to turn on even a single light, because the HD-LED screen of this product shows you numbers like during the day. The measurement accuracy of this thermometer with its very small error (positive-negative 0.2 degrees Celsius) is even higher than a mercury thermometer. Also, the GP-300 thermometer has a memory that can remember 32 previous measurements.

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