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    Omron Blood pressure monitor Model M3

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    Cuff closure guide, on-screen hypertension indicator, irregular heartbeat detection, dual-user memory (per user: 60 previous data), Intelli wrap cuff technology (360-degree precision of armband), IntelliSense technology, stroke detection detection, verified by American Heart Association
    1,400,000 تومان

    The OMRON M3 blood presure monitor uses intelligent OMRON intellisense technology that, while maintaining 360-degree accuracy, adjusts the cuff pressure to the ideal level for each user. The M3 is clinically approved by the European Blood Pressure Standards Association, OMRON is well known for its high accuracy among sphygmomanometers, and the M3 is no exception. The M3 has a stroke prevention system to help you diagnose the risk of stroke, and the M3 uses an LED system that alerts you if your blood pressure is above normal. The OMRON M3 sphygmomanometer has a high blood pressure monitor as well as a motion detection sensor that gives you better and more accurate measurements. The M3 comfort can store data for up to 2 separate users and up to 60 data per user, allowing you to monitor individual blood pressure measurements and trends.

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