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    Omron digital scale model HN286

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    4-sensor technology (very high measurement accuracy), measurement accuracy of 100 grams, shock-resistant glass on the scales, beautiful and ultra-thin design (Ultra-thin)
    Old price: 770,000 تومان
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    The Omron HN286 Digital Scale is a personalized silver scale with a shiny silver coating covered by safety glass. This scale can be used in the bathroom, home gym, living room, etc. This high-precision digital scale is used to accurately measure body weight. The HN286 scale is professionally designed to balance your daily life and diet. Using its effective and intelligent 4-sensor technology, this scale allows you to monitor the smallest changes in your body weight. This scale offers the perfect combination of beauty and quality. HN286 scales can be very suitable for fitness of men and women who care about their health. Among the features of this scale:

    4-sensor technology (very high measurement accuracy),

    Measurement accuracy of 100 g,

    Impact-resistant glass on the scales,

    Beautiful and ultra-thin design,

    The balance automatically shuts off after 16 seconds,

    With lithium battery (1 year life)