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    Omron Medical Scale Model BF511

    Manufacturer: OMRON
    Ability to display the amount of fat and percentage of different body materials, BMI measurement, visceral fat classification, display of skeletal muscle percentage and resting metabolism rate, display of weight in kilograms and pounds, 8 sensor technology (use of hands and feet to fully examine the body) , Usable for all family members
    2,900,000 تومان
    i h

    It is a medical device and can measure the following parameters with high accuracy.

    - Body fat (in percentage)

    - Visceral fat (up to level 20)

    Body Mass Index (BMI)

    - Skeletal muscle (in percentage)

    Determines the rate of metabolism at rest (in terms of kcal). This is a reference index for weight loss program.

    OMRON's unique eight-sensor technology that calculates physical factors with double accuracy by measuring auxiliary indicators through hand and foot contact.