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    Pic Solution Blood pressure monitor Clear Rapid model (with 5-year warranty

    Manufacturer: Pic Solution
    Easy rapid Blood pressure monitor with results storage memory, faster measurement of blood pressure due to advanced Rapid Tech technology, results approved by the ESH2010 protocol
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    Digital Blood pressure monitor allow all people, including non-specialists in the field of medicine and health, to be informed about the health status of their cardiovascular system and those around them by continuously measuring blood pressure and heart rate. In other words, digital sphygmomanometers have in practice fulfilled the phrase "better prevention than cure" because despite the high mortality rate from cardiovascular disease, the use of these sphygmomanometers helps the medical community to take preventive measures. Has done significantly. Digital sphygmomanometers use oscillometric methods to measure blood pressure and heart rate. Unlike the usual auditory or tactile method (Auscultation or Palpation), the oscillometric method measures the pressure fluctuations of the armband or wristband automatically using pressure sensors and without the need for any special action, blood pressure and heart rate numbers. Displays the heart on large LCD screens. Nowadays, you do not even need to know the normal range of blood pressure or heart rate, because digital sphygmomanometers warn if abnormalities are being measured.

    Coupling sphygmomanometers are a product of the Italian company Artsana. The family of high quality sphygmomanometers is equipped with advanced RAPID TECH technology, which makes it possible to measure blood pressure when the cuff is inflated, to get the result in the shortest time with high accuracy and with the lowest pressure.

    If you care about the accuracy and quality of home sphygmomanometers, these devices will ease your mind with the most prestigious approvals in the world, including ESH 2010 (European Blood Pressure Society), BSH and AAMI.

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