Lafarrerr Face Cleansing Foam For Oily to Normal Skin

172,000 toman
Gentle wash; Suitable for vulnerable skin Maintains the balance of skin moisture and oil Preservation of beneficial bacteria and prevention of inflammation Daily use to remove impurities from the skin surface

Cinere Sunscreen Cream SPF60

110,000 toman
Protects the skin from harmful rays Prevention of premature aging and skin blemishes Creates a matte effect on the skin No fat Has a light structure and fast absorption Paraben free Has a protection factor of Pa +++

Cinere anti pollution daily face wash

50,000 toman
cinere anti pollution daily face wash
Mild detergent and no soap Contains Moringa extract to protect skin against air pollution Cleanses all kinds of dirt and cosmetics from the surface of the skin Regulate skin oil secretion and prevent pimples No animal testing or  Cruelty-free

Cinere Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturizing Cream For Normal and Dry Skins

95,000 toman
Cinere Hydra Plus Timeless Moisturizing Cream For Normal and Dry Skins
Deep and effective moisturizer with long lasting Accelerates the regeneration of lost skin lipids and eliminates dryness Contains yeast extract and natural moisturizing factor NMF Contains squalene and  shea butter object to maintain softness and suppleness of the skin Increase skin resistance to harmful environmental factors expire date :1402/9

Medilann Ultra Barrier Repair Cream

80,000 toman
Medilann Ultra Barrier Repair Cream
Treat dryness, itching, skin cracks and sunburn Suitable for use after laser to accelerate the repair process Suitable for use on the first day of wound formation Regenerates and helps maintain skin moisture Healing wounds and reducing scars of various wounds expire date:1403/8

Bb No Acne Cream suitable for oily and acne prone skin (beige) 40 ml

102,000 toman
BB Cream light Beige Spf 20 Tinted Oil Free Noacne
Suitable for oily, shiny and acne prone skin Protect from the harmful effects of the sun's rays Contains natural pigments Long shelf life Complete remover of skin imperfections expire date:1403/3

Bitroy Cleansing Gel Containing Vitamin C

91,000 toman
Bitroy Cleansing Gel Containing Vitamin C
Refreshing, soothing and regenerating the skin Healing and hydrating sensitive skin Gentle facial makeup remover Gentle skin lightener Increase skin transparency

Liesel Pigmasel Lightening Cream

130,000 toman
Liesel Pigmasel Lightening Cream
Protects skin from free radicals and polluted air due to its anti-pollution agents and antioxidants Protects the skin against premature aging by stimulating the skin's defense mechanism Reduce the symptoms of blemishes such as pimples, melasma, skin discoloration Increases the skin's ability against oxidizing agents such as UVA rays Eliminates age spots Has a professional and professional formulation روشن و شفاف کننده پوست