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Accu-chek Performa blood glucose test strip

90,000 toman
Ability to absorb high blood expire date: 2022.07.31  

Pic solution blood pressure monitor easyrapid model (with 5-year warranty)

1,050,000 toman
  Has a memory to store results Faster measurement of blood pressure due to advanced technology Results approved by ESH2010 protocol

Rossmax X5 blood pressure gauge (with 5-year warranty)

2,047,500 toman
Detection of atrial fibrillation Irregular heart rate indicator Average morning and afternoon pressure Detection of premature contraction It has 120 memory for 2 users، High blood pressure risk indicator

Citizen blood pressure monitor model CH-452 (with 5-year warranty)

1,072,000 toman
Very simple performance, with adapter for charging the device (optional) Ability to save previous measurements, automatic shutdown

Accu-chek Instant Blood Glucose Test Needle

98,000 toman291,000 toman
Suitable for Active and Performa Aqua Check devices

Non-contact infrared thermometer HuBDIC model HFS-1000 (4-year warranty)

1,729,500 toman
Very simple operation, Very high accuracy,Pocket size, Infrared technology , Announce body temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Accu-chek Active blood glucose testing device

80,000 toman
Ability to absorb blood quickly expire date: 2023.05

Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Testing Machine

210,000 toman
Risk indicator: If your blood glucose levels are too high, in the range or below the range, the signal range indicator will reassure you.. Easy navigation: Your test result and average are visible on the screen for 90, 30, 7 days. High measurement accuracy. Send data to mobile with Bluetooth