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N99 3D Respiratory Mask without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Adult Size 25 Pieces

115,000 toman
Rima Nano 99 Layer Respiratory Masks (N99 Raspiano Nano Layer Masks) are similar to FFP3 and N99 masks in terms

1000ml PANCOHL hand sanitizer

47,500 toman
Full specifications of 1000ML Pankel solution:Ingredients: 70% ethanol-propylene glycolMade in IranMade byFooman Wash CompanyApproved by the Food and Drug AdministrationHand

500 ml Pankel hand sanitizer

27,000 toman
PANCOHL hand sanitizer solution Ready-to-use alcoholic base solution for quick disinfection of hands and surgical scrub with soft and moisturizing ingredients

KMT three-layer mask

54,000 toman
  • Has a nation of 25 grams, suitable for small and medium faces
  • 2 layers of span
  • 1 layer of melt blon
  • All Ultrasonic Press

5-layer mask KN 95

52,000 toman
It has 5 layers with high filtering capability Pack of 10 numbers

Nano N95 Respiratory Mask without Inspiration Valve

18,000 toman
It has 5 layers with high filtration capability and has nanometer fibers with a diameter of 25 to 50 nanometers (electrified nanofibers)

Blueline Latex gloves without powder (pack of 100)

159,500 toman
Among the three types of gloves, vinyl, nitrile and latex, latex gloves are the most suitable and high quality gloves.