KMT three-layer mask

54,000 toman
  • Has a nation of 25 grams, suitable for small and medium faces
  • 2 layers of span
  • 1 layer of melt blon
  • All Ultrasonic Press

N95 3D Respiratory Mask without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Small Size Pack of 25

85,000 toman
These masks contain a nano layer between their protective spunbond layers. The mask trapping efficiency of 0.3 microns of these masks is about 95% and a slight pressure drop (easier to breathe than other masks). The smaller size of this mask is suitable for 10 to 18 year olds (teenagers or women with thin and small faces) and makes the mask more fixed on the face.

FFP3 N99 Type V Respiratory Mask (V-Type) without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Monochrome Pack of 10

115,000 toman
These masks contain two nano-layers between their protective spunbond layers. They have an efficiency of about 99% in particle trapping of 0.3 microns. They have a slight pressure drop compared to other masks (which makes breathing easier).  

Alborz surgical mask 3 layers green with blue nation (package of 50)

38,000 toman
three layere mask ، Anti-allergy (suitable for all skin types)، Protected COVID-19، Sewing press using ultrasonic machine (all industrial sewing)، melt blon . . With a new look

3-layer Dey Farmed mask with blue nation (50 packs)

48,000 toman
Pack of 50 numbers, 3-layer mask , Press sewing using the machine, Ultrasonic، Melt Blon

Arman Mask (pack of 100)

75,000 toman
New package of 50 Arman masks، Three layers، melt blon،anti allergy، Protected  COVID-19، All industrial sewing

Raha 3-layer baby mask with melt blown (3-pack)

4,000 toman
3-ply mask ، No allergies on children's skin, protected COVID-19، Press sewing using ultrasonic device