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N99 3D Respiratory Mask without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Adult Size 25 Pieces

115,000 toman
Rima Nano 99 Layer Respiratory Masks (N99 Raspiano Nano Layer Masks) are similar to FFP3 and N99 masks in terms

KMT three-layer mask

54,000 toman
  • Has a nation of 25 grams, suitable for small and medium faces
  • 2 layers of span
  • 1 layer of melt blon
  • All Ultrasonic Press

3-layer Dey Farmed mask with blue nation (50 packs)

48,000 toman
Pack of 50 numbers, 3-layer mask , Press sewing using the machine, Ultrasonic، Melt Blon