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    Rossmax digital scale model WB101

    Manufacturer: ROSSMAX
    Beautiful aluminum appearance, accurate measurements
    849,000 تومان
    i h

    Rosmex is one of the well-known manufacturers of medical equipment in the world. Recently, Rosmex electronic scales have been considered. Beauty, efficiency, ease of use, and its lightness and durability have made Rosmex scales particularly popular with the audience. Its aluminum appearance has given a special radiance and beauty to this product. High weight tolerance has attracted a wider audience than other products in this category. Its large and bright screen has also added to the advantages of this product. Low power consumption of this product ensures longer battery life. This product has a two-year warranty, and in case of any defect, Rosmax representatives will take immediate action to fix the problem.

    Advice on use and care

    1- The glass platform will be slippery when wet. Keep it dry.

    2- Stand still when measuring.

    3. Do not tap, shake or drop the scale.

    4- Be careful of the scales because it is an accurate device

    5. Clean the scales with a damp cloth and do not allow water to enter. Do not use chemical / abrasive detergents

    6- Keep the scales in a cool place with dry air.

    7- Always place the scale in a horizontal position

    8- If you could not turn on the scale, check if the battery is installed or the battery charge is low. Then insert a new battery if necessary.

    9- If there was an error in the display or you could not turn on the scale for a long time, please remove the battery for 3 minutes, then reinstall it to fix the error. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact your local dealer for advice.

    10- Do not use it for commercial purposes