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    Rossmax X5 blood pressure gauge (with 5-year warranty)

    Manufacturer: ROSSMAX
    Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeat indicator, mean morning and afternoon pressure, early contraction diagnosis, has 120 memories for 2 users, high blood pressure risk indicator
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    Rossmax blood pressure gauge Model "X5" is a digital barometer of arm type. Features of this device include storage memory with a capacity of 120 blood pressure for two people, irregular heartbeat detector, atrial fibrillation detection (AFib), guest mode and motion detection system. In order to track the pressure results of different people who have used this device, its memory is divided into two groups of 60. The guest mode feature of this device can be used to measure the pressure of people who do not need to store information about them in the device. This barometer is also equipped with a motion detection system. If the person's hand is shaken while measuring the pressure, the "hand" sign is displayed on the screen to indicate that the measurement is not accurate, in which case the measurement needs to be taken again. Irregular, the device is equipped with an Irregular Heart Rate Detector (IHB) that displays a specific symbol on the screen. The size of the cuff is suitable for the size of the arm circumference between 24 to 40 cm. The material of the cuff is not latex. This device is turned on using four AA batteries. An adapter can also be used to turn on this device, which must be purchased separately. The final pressure is specified as high pressure (systolic) and low pressure (diastolic) on the screen. The degree of pressure hazard measured using the rating displayed in the corner of the display is determined by the colors green, yellow, orange and red. Each time the pressure is measured by this device, in addition to the pressure, the number of heartbeats in minutes and the average of the last three pressures are also shown. If the sphygmomanometer is not turned off, the device switches off automatically after a period of 60 seconds. This barometer uses PARR technology. (Initial monitoring and diagnosis of stroke with only one measurement)

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