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Duracell hearing aid battery

50,700 toman
  • Number of batteries in the pack: 6 pieces
  • Type of battery technology: zinc-air
  • Rechargeable:No

N99 3D Respiratory Mask without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Adult Size 25 Pieces

115,000 toman
Rima Nano 99 Layer Respiratory Masks (N99 Raspiano Nano Layer Masks) are similar to FFP3 and N99 masks in terms

Folica Oily Hair Shampoo 200 ml

46,000 toman
Fulica Seboregulating Shampoo For Oily Hair
Regulates and controls the secretion of sebum fat Suitable for oily hair and scalp Maintains the balance of the skin's natural flora Has strong antifungal properties

LaFarrerr Minoxi Shampoo For Normal Scalp

140,000 toman
Anti-shedding, shine, emollient, volume Has a synergistic effect of minoxidil and caffeine in preventing hair loss Increase local blood circulation and nourish hair Full and fast absorption of active ingredients on the scalp Stimulate hair regrowth Increase the diameter of hair strands Emollient and radiant Adjust the physiological condition of the skin and hair

Cerita Promin Shampoo For All Hair

78,000 toman
  Ominexil (new form of minoxidil without side effects) Increase blood supply to the scalp and better nourish hair follicles Prevent hair loss by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase Control of androgenic hair loss or hereditary hair loss Strengthens, thickens and stimulates hair growth Effective moisturizing to scalp and hair Repair and strength of damaged hair shaft Regulate hair oil secretion Suitable for daily use

Lafarrerr Face Cleansing Foam For Oily to Normal Skin

172,000 toman
Gentle wash; Suitable for vulnerable skin Maintains the balance of skin moisture and oil Preservation of beneficial bacteria and prevention of inflammation Daily use to remove impurities from the skin surface

Cinere Sunscreen Cream SPF60

110,000 toman
Protects the skin from harmful rays Prevention of premature aging and skin blemishes Creates a matte effect on the skin No fat Has a light structure and fast absorption Paraben free Has a protection factor of Pa +++

Cerita Wheat Germ Shampoo For All Hair

46,000 toman
Increases hair root strength, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth Binding of proteins to the hair shaft creatine to repair its structure Increase hydration of the hair and prevent frizz Increase the flexibility, softness and shine of hair Prevents dry, frizzy and brittle hair Repairs damaged hair cuticles Increase hair root strength and reduce hair loss Contains a variety of vitamins to strengthen hair Increased blood supply to the scalp Increase thickness and volume